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the Maritime Corporate-Startup Accelerator

Startup Wharf helps Maritime Companies find and engage with Startups for operational improvement, corporate growth, investment or acquisition.

Startup Wharf is the first Accelerator specific to the Maritime sector. It focuses on Shipping, Ports, Maritime Services and Marine to create a Maritime Innovation Ecosystem.

Startup Wharf helps the sector to harness the benefits of innovation using new technologies.

Startup Wharf works with tech startups with potential Maritime applications to accelerate their development and bring them to client-ready and investment-ready.

Bridging Industry and Startups

For Startups, for Digital Maritime

Maritime Startups

At last! An Accelerator focusing specifically on Maritime. Get world class startup acceleration support plus access to expertise and connections to your potential Maritime Clients and Business Partners.

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Industry Partners

With Startup Wharf Maritime Accelerator you can discover and interact with the most promising startups in Digital Maritime. It's your opportunity to get directly involved with Digital Maritime Innovation in a convenient and cost effective way.

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Sector Institutions

Startup Wharf provides new ways for Institutions supporting Maritime to help the sector as it faces challenge and change from disruptive technologies. Through Startup Wharf, institutions can play their part in the Maritime Innovation Ecosystem.

Value for All Players

Maritime Startups Industry Partners Sector Institutions
  • access to the Maritime sector
  • support from Maritime specialists and Startup mentors
  • access to Maritime clients to collaborate and run pilot programs
  • razor-sharp focus on getting investment-ready
  • learn about Digital innovation
  • access start ups and shape the Digital innovation process
  • engage with innovation in a convenient low cost way
  • identify new business opportunities lead by Digital innovation
  • strengthen the scope of support to the sector
  • help the sector benefit from Digital innovation
  • help the sector take an active role in Digitla innovation
  • play a key role in the innovation ecosystem

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Startup Wharf for Maritime Startups

the Maritime Opportunity for Startups

Maritime was dubbed by TechCrunch as the hidden Trillion Dollar sector, with huge opportunities to improve and disrupt the current business models with digital technologies.

Change is driven by the interplay of mainstream digital technologies such as SaaS and the upcoming wave of disruptive technologies. Are you ready to become a driver of change and transition Maritime fully into the 21st Century?

You are an early stage startup with a brilliant product or service for the Maritime sector and ideally have developed a proof of concept. Or maybe you have an awesome technology with huge potential for applications in Maritime.

In the programme you will be mentored by Maritime experts together with Startup experts and get the best of the two worlds to accelerate your startup to investment-ready.

You will run pilots with the programme Industrial Partners, to validate and fine-tune your innovation ideas. You will also receive specific training on the Maritime business to help you target your Value Proposition to real needs with razor-sharp focus.

At Demo Day you will pitch your investment-ready business to Industry Partners and VC funds.

What Profile Are You?

What Profile of Startup Are You?

Digital Disruptor

You are a Tech startup with a disruptive technology that can be applied to Maritime. You might miss a Maritime co-founder and benefit from a crash course and ongoing mentoring on Maritime. You're in the right place!

Maritime Innovator

You have a Maritime background and you spotted a digital business opportunity. You might need a Tech co-founder and benefit from a crash course and ongoing mentoring on starting up a digital business. This is your Accelerator!

Expanding Scope

You are an established company with a digital application that you want to expand to Maritime. You might need to partner within the sector and would benefit from understanding the sector and receiving ongoing mentoring in Maritime.

At a Glance

Digital Disruptor Maritime Innovator Scope Expansion
Your Size Pre-Seed stage with an idea and a proof of concept, ideally some traction Pre-Seed stage with an idea and a proof of concept, ideally some traction An idea and a proof of concept, ideally some traction
Your Expertise Deep expertise in one or more disruptive technologies, possibly looking for Maritime co-founders Deep expertise in the Maritime sector, possibly looking for digital co-founders Established business expanding its scope to Maritime with specific applications of a developed technology
What's in it for You Learn "Maritime"; apply your digital expertise to Maritime; collaborate/partner with Maritime experts; access and partner with Maritime Learn "Digital"; leverage your Maritime expertise with Digital; collaborate/partner with Maritime experts; access and partner with Maritime Learn "Maritime"; apply your digital applications to Maritime; access and partner with Maritime sector
Outcomes Get to investment-ready, late Seed stage, proven Product/Market Fit, proven revenue model and – ideally – proven business model; first customers Get to investment-ready, late Seed stage, proven Product/Market Fit, proven revenue model and – ideally – proven business model; first customers Get to proven Product/Market Fit, proven revenue model and proven business model; first customers

Startup Wharf for Industry Partners

the Rising Digital Wave in Maritime

Digital disruption is happening also in Maritime. We might have thought that the barriers to entry were too high, that we knew everything about the sector and outsiders wouldn't stand a chance to influence our business.

Yet change is happening. Digital is changing the way we do business also in Maritime, and the new wave of digital technologies has a disruptive power exponentially stronger than anything before.

Some forward looking companies in Maritime embraced digital as a tool for competitive advantage, others are still in 'Wait and See' mode.

But that's no longer enough. Digital disruptors have started to appear form outside the sector. And they are disrupting the way things have always been done.

Should we just sit and wait to be disrupted, or should we take the future in our hands and lead the digital change in our sector?

Which are the Alternatives?

Addressing the Rising Digital Wave

Wait and See

"I've been doing business the same way for ever. The new kids on the block have no clue and can't disrupt us. I'll wait and see." In fact it's already happening. Would you like to know what is really going on?

Build Innovation Lab

"I want to innovate while keeping control of the competitive advantage." And you set to create a Digital Innovation Lab within your company. Quite a few companies did it with good results. Torvald Klaveness did it in 2015, and Wilhelmsen in 2017.

Partner with StartupWharf

What about getting the best of both worlds? Keep the business running as usual, while exploring the future. But do it at low cost. Leave the operational details to us, leverage our innovation expertise and focus on uncovering opportunities.

At a Glance

Wait and See Build Innovation Lab Partner with Accelerator
Cost $0.00 > $500k < $100k
Timescale very soon 2 - 3 years 3 - 6 months
Activities business as usual implement and run lab; scout digital talent; deploy resources; invest in few projects low maintenance interaction; run pilots; access opportunities; drive industry change
Outcomes follow industry change; passively buy services possibly become obsolete and out of business develop proprietary systems; ongoing systems maintenance develop flexible suppliers; client / partial owner / proprietary system; access global network
Scope innovation, me? limited to selected projects exposure to vast array of startups and opportunities, in program and globally

Partnering with Startup Wharf

Startup Wharf Maritime Innovation Ecosystem

Creating a Maritime Innovation Ecosystem

We are networking with global Accelerators and Incubators to create a Maritime Innovation Ecosystem where all the startups from the participating Accelerators and Incubators and all the Maritime partneting companies meet on a global scale.

Accelerators and Incubators are local by nature and bring together promising startups and the local industry players in a mutually productive interaction. Why not scale the opportunity to interact, learn from each other and eventually make business together on a global scale?

Every single Incubator and Accelerator creates massive value for Maritime. The Maritime Innovation Ecosystem helps them scale their efforts by playing along Accelarators and Incubators in other global locations.

Startup Wharf Maritime Innovation Ecosystem powers this interaction with a shared marketplace where Maritime startups, Accelerators and Incubators meet their Maritime clients, partners and investors.

Powering the Maritime Innovation Ecosystem

As a member of the Maritime Innovation Ecosystem, in addition to participating in the shared marketplace you get access to a series of tools to strengthen your market access capabilities, increase the value offered to your Startups and Industry Partners, and structure your Accelerator or Incubator offer.

Maritime Master Minds

An event to bridge the local Maritime and Digital communities. 10 Maritime companies meet 10 Digital Tech experts for a day of co-creation, to target the most pressing business problems, identify directions for Digital solutions and define specific tech challenges for the startups intake at the accelerator.

Digital Maritime Education

Educational content for Maritime and Digital Tech, to facilitate mutual awareness and knowledge. Attracting Digital Tech startups which wouldn’t otherwise know the sector, understand it and venture into it. Opening up Maritime to Digital,to leverage digital technology instead of being overwhelmed by it.

Accelerator Engine

Providing a world-class approach to starting up an incubator or accelerator for Maritime. Accelerators and Incubators participating in the network create a consistent environment for Maritime startups growth and interaction with industry partners, both at local scale and globally across the network.

Join the Maritime Innovation Ecosystem

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